Orthodontic treatment is one of the common dental procedures used today to correct misaligned, crowded, or improperly positioned teeth. With orthodontic services at VIX Dental Clinic, you can expect quality and reliability from a dental center with Korean technology standards accredited by the Ministry of Health.

We commit to using advanced technologies and a team of experienced professors/doctors from Korea and Vietnam to provide accurate diagnoses for each case, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your orthodontic treatment.

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    Methods of Orthodontic Treatment at VIX Dental Clinic


    Braces are an orthodontic method used to correct tooth misalignment by using ‘brackets’ or ‘braces’ attached to the teeth. Brackets can be small metal pieces or tiny anchors affixed to the tooth’s surface and connected with each other through elastic bands or steel wires to apply gentle pressure, move, and adjust the tooth’s position. The braces methods performed by the team of dentists at VIX Dental Clinic can include:

    Metal Braces

    Doctors use metal brackets to exert pressure on the teeth, shifting and adjusting their misaligned positions. Metal brackets are directly affixed to the tooth’s surface through a precise mounting process and are then connected to each other with elastic bands or resilient steel wires to create a gentle and continuous force.

    The process of wearing metal braces typically lasts from several months to several years, depending on the initial condition of the teeth and the specific treatment goals of each case. This is a common method in orthodontic treatment, effectively improving the tooth’s position and achieving aesthetic results for the dental arch.

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      Ceramic Braces

      Similar to metal braces, but the brackets used in this method are made of ceramic material.

      Self-Ligating Braces

      Self-ligating braces are an orthodontic technique that uses self-ligating brackets to hold and adjust teeth instead of using traditional accessories like silicone bands or rubber bands. Self-ligating brackets are usually integrated into the braces, helping to maintain elastic or steel wires without the need for external accessories to secure them.

      The self-ligating braces method can offer several benefits, including:

      1. More efficient tooth movement: Self-ligating brackets can apply gentle and uniform pressure to the teeth, facilitating more effective tooth movement.
      2. Less friction: Without additional accessories like silicone bands, there can be reduced friction between different parts of the braces, allowing for smoother tooth movement.
      3. Fewer adjustments: Due to the self-ligating nature of the brackets, fewer adjustments may be needed compared to traditional braces, reducing the time you have to visit the dentist.

      However, the use of self-ligating braces may depend on the specific case of each person and the dentist’s decision on the most suitable treatment method for your tooth condition.

      Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

      Here are some benefits that orthodontic treatment can offer you:

      • Straighten teeth: Orthodontic treatment helps correct the misalignment of tooth shape and position, making them more even.
      • Improve dental arch: A well-structured and shaped dental arch will make it easier for you to chew, speak, and have a more confident smile.
      • Reduce the risk of oral diseases: Orthodontic treatment helps teeth grow evenly and with proper spacing, making it easier for you to maintain oral hygiene and reduce the risk of oral diseases.

      For those concerned that orthodontic treatment may be painful or ineffective, these are misconceptions. Orthodontics today is more advanced and less painful than in the past. If performed correctly and following the dentist’s instructions, orthodontic treatment can achieve good results and be safe for your health.

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      Braces help you achieve a more beautiful and healthier smile


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      Braces Procedure at VIX Dental Clinic

      At VIX Dental Clinic, we provide quality braces services with a modern and professional Korean approach. Our braces procedure includes the following stages:

      1. Initial assessment: You will undergo an examination and consultation with a dentist to evaluate the condition of your teeth and choose the appropriate orthodontic method. We will provide you with the necessary information to select the suitable cosmetic braces method for you.
      2. Measurement and teeth imaging: After deciding on the orthodontic method, we will take measurements and images of your teeth, using AI technology to prepare for the next orthodontic phase.
      3. Braces installation: You will have braces installed based on the initial assessment. The dentist will instruct you on how to care for your braces to ensure a successful treatment process.
      4. Braces adjustments: Throughout the treatment process, we will monitor the condition of your teeth and make adjustments to the braces to ensure the best results.
      5. Teeth whitening (if necessary): After the braces are removed, we will perform teeth whitening if needed to enhance the aesthetics of your teeth.
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      Clear braces

      At VIX Dental Clinic, we offer various cosmetic braces methods, including lingual braces, clear braces, traditional braces, and ceramic braces. Schedule an appointment today for professional consultation and treatment.


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      Quality of Orthodontic Services at VIX Dental Clinic

      At VIX Dental Clinic, we utilize advanced technologies and equipment from South Korea, along with cosmetic orthodontic techniques performed by our team of top professors and dental specialists. This ensures that your teeth will be naturally beautiful and harmonious with your face after the orthodontic treatment. We are committed to maintaining a reputation for reliability in orthodontics and helping you achieve a perfect smile.

      If you are seeking high-quality and trustworthy orthodontic services, visit VIX Dental Clinic for a free consultation and professional treatment.

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