Dịch vụ cấy ghép Implant tại nha khoa VIX

The Dental Implant Placement Service at VIX Dental Clinic is an excellent solution for restoring and replacing one or more missing teeth, giving you a confident smile. With our team of expert dentists at VIX Dental Clinic and modern technology, we ensure a safe and effective treatment process that satisfies our customers. We understand that you may have concerns about this method, but we are committed to performing the procedure accurately and carefully. Through the positive stages of the implantation process, you will have a new set of strong, aesthetically pleasing teeth that feel like your own.

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    The benefits of dental implant placement

    The benefits of undergoing Implant Placement at VIX Dental Clinic include several oral health advantages:

    • Improved Chewing Ability: Implants are securely placed in the jaw, allowing patients to comfortably chew a variety of foods.
    • Natural Feeling: Implants are precisely designed and integrated with the patient’s existing dental structure, providing a natural and comfortable sensation.
    • Preservation of Dental Structure: Tooth loss can alter the dental structure, but timely implant placement helps maintain the integrity of the dental arch and prevents oral health issues.
    • Enhanced Aesthetics: Implants provide patients with a beautiful and confident smile, boosting their self-esteem.

    Dịch vụ cấy ghép Implant

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    Dental Implant Procedure at VIX Dental Clinic

    At VIX Dental Clinic, our dental implant procedure is carried out by a team of highly specialized professors and dentists from South Korea and Vietnam, and it includes the following steps:

    • Examination and Consultation: Initially, our dentists perform a diagnosis and consultation before deciding to proceed with the dental implant. The dentist will assess the condition of your oral health and provide professional advice on the dental implant service.
    • Imaging: After receiving professional advice from the dentist, you will undergo imaging and AI analysis to recreate the entire facial and oral structure. This process helps the dentist plan the dental implant procedure more accurately.
    • Surgery: Once the plan is established, the dentist will perform the dental implant surgery. The duration of the surgery depends on the number of implants required and the patient’s oral health condition.
    • Rest and Treatment: After the surgery, you will be given time to rest and receive treatment to ensure the best recovery process. The dentist will provide a detailed treatment schedule and instructions on how to care for your oral health after the surgery.
    • Prosthesis Installation: After the implant has firmly fused with the jawbone, the dentist will proceed to install the dental prosthesis to replicate the natural dental structure. These prosthetics are exclusively designed for each patient, providing a natural and aesthetically pleasing feel.

    Advantages of the Dental Implant Procedure at VIX Dental Clinic

    At VIX Dental Clinic, we use cutting-edge technology and medical equipment from South Korea, combined with a dental implant procedure performed by top-notch professors and dentists to ensure that your dental implants look natural and harmonious with your facial features. We are committed to maintaining a high level of trust and ensuring you have a perfect smile.

    Our Professional Dental Team at VIX

    All the dentists at VIX are highly experienced experts in the field of dental implantation. Two renowned professors from prestigious universities in South Korea are among our exceptional team members. Their expertise provides peace of mind and confidence to our patients when they use our dental implant services.

    Modern Technology in Dental Implant Services

    At VIX Dental Clinic, we promise to use the most advanced technologies to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the dental implant procedure. Here are some of the technologies we utilize:

    • AI Technology: Used to analyze CT or MRI images of the jawbone, helping the dentist determine the suitable implant location and assess the jawbone’s density.
    • 3D Modeling Computer Technology: We use this technology to create precise 3D models of the dental structure and determine the implant’s exact position before the implantation procedure, minimizing errors and ensuring the most accurate implantation process.
    • Laser Technology: We employ laser technology to remove bacteria clusters and sterilize the implant area, ensuring the surgical site’s cleanliness and reducing the risk of infection.
    • Robotic Surgical Technology: We utilize robotic technology to enhance the precision of the implantation process. Surgical robots are programmed to accurately locate the implant position and perform the implantation with high precision and minimal errors.

    In addition, we use high-quality medical materials imported from South Korea, meeting the standards of the Ministry of Health, ensuring the safety and durability of the implanted implants. These technologies, combined with the extensive experience of our top dentists, ensure that the dental implant service at VIX Dental Clinic always delivers the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

    Patient Requirements and Preparations Before Implantation

    Before deciding to have dental implants, patients need to adhere to several requirements and preparations to ensure a successful process. Here are some crucial factors to consider:

    • Dental Treatment: Patients should undergo treatment and care for any dental issues such as cavities or gum infections to ensure that the dental structure is in the best condition.
    • General Dental Check-Up: Patients need a general dental check-up to ensure that their overall health is suitable for the implantation procedure.
    • Quit Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol consumption can affect the recovery process after dental implantation. Therefore, patients should quit these habits before and after the implantation procedure.
    • Mental Preparation: The dental implant procedure can be lengthy and requires patience and post-treatment care. Therefore, patients should mentally prepare and gather detailed information about the implantation procedure before undergoing it.

    Preparing before starting the dental implant process is essential to ensure a smooth and effective procedure. Consult with the experts at VIX Dental Clinic for the best advice and support for your dental implant process.

    Post-Implantation Support

    After the dental implantation, we provide various support services and patient care to ensure the best recovery process. Below are the services that patients at VIX Dental Clinic can expect:

    • Consultation: We will guide patients on their post-implantation diet and care to ensure the most convenient recovery process.
    • Treatment for Post-Implantation Issues: Occasionally, patients may experience swelling, pain, or bleeding. We provide pain relief methods and treatment support for these conditions.
    • Annual Treatment: After dental implantation, patients need annual treatment to maintain the stability and sustainability of the implant. We will provide appropriate treatment plans and advice on implant symptoms and care.

    We are committed to accompanying patients throughout the treatment process and supporting them to ensure the longevity of their dental implants

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implant Placement

      Is Dental Implant Placement Painful?

      After dental implant placement, patients may experience mild pain following the surgical procedure. The discomfort may last for a few days and gradually decrease over time. The recovery process after implant surgery also depends on the individual’s health. Choosing a reputable dental clinic with modern facilities and a skilled team of dentists is crucial in minimizing pain for patients during the implant placement process. Additionally, adhering to proper post-operative care measures as instructed by the dentist can help reduce discomfort and promote quick recovery.

      How Long Does Dental Implant Placement Take?

      The duration of dental implant placement depends on various objective factors, typically spanning from 3 to 6 months and involving the following steps:

      • Initially, the dentist performs a surgical procedure to open the gum and place the implant into the jawbone. Subsequently, it takes about 3 to 6 months for the jawbone to fuse securely with the implant through a process called osseointegration.
      • Once the jawbone has successfully bonded with the implant, dentists at VIX dental clinic will attach an abutment, connecting the artificial tooth to the implant. This phase includes creating the prosthetic tooth and checking the patient’s bite.
      • Finally, after the successful placement of the artificial tooth, patients need to follow post-operative oral care instructions to ensure the health and success of the dental implant.

      It is important to note that the timeline for this procedure can be extended or shortened depending on your health condition and the state of your jawbone. Consult with your dentist for personalized monitoring and detailed advice based on your specific case.

      Price List for Dental Implant at VIX Dental Clinic

      Implant Post Implant Post + Abutment (Korean) 18.000.000 vnd
      Implant Post + Abutment (USA) 30.000.000 vnd
      Implant Post + Abutment (Swish) 30.000.000 vnd
      Bone Graft Bone Grafting 5.000.000 vnd
      Bone Grafting with Simple Membrane 6.000.000 vnd
      Bone Grafting with Complex Two-Dimensional Membrane 10.000.000 vnd
      Bone Grafting with Complex Three-Dimensional Membrane 14.000.000 vnd
      Block Bone Grafting 20.000.000 vnd
      Sinus Lift Sinus Lift (Closed) 7.000.000 vnd
      Sinus Lift (One-Sided Open) 12.000.000 vnd
      Sinus Lift (Both Sides Open) 20.000.000 vnd
      Restoration Restoration on Implant – Titan Ceramic Tooth 4.000.000 vnd
      Restoration on Implant – Zirconia Ceramic Tooth 8.000.000 vnd
      Restoration on Implant – Diamond Ceramic Toot 10.000.000 vnd
      Restoration on Implant – Diamond Plus Ceramic Tooth 14.000.000 vnd
      Restoration on Implant – Precious Metal Ceramic Tooth 25.000.000 vnd

      Note: The dental implant price list provided here is for reference purposes. Please contact us for more accurate advice based on the actual condition of your teeth.

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